was once given a great piece of advise: rather than having a pedicure, see a chiropodist itís not about having pretty feet, itís about having healthy feet. With Julie and her nursing experience - you get so much more, and your toes do look pretty too but I also needed help with insoles, as it is difficult for me to walk in any footwear after 10 minutes and since part of what I do is lecture - there are times I need to be on my feet for 6 hours.
Julie was relentless in finding me insoles that worked for my feet, and the many different types of footwear I have I will forever grateful to have feet that work again - thank you Julie

Testimonial for Julie Harvey Foot Health Practitioner.
Recently I started my own sales training consultancy business and as such spent a lot of time on my feet in a classroom environment. I suffer with arthritis and do not have the best posture.
Through getting to understand Julie's business I asked her to measure me for orthotics for my shoe's. As a result of her attention to detail she has now supplied me with orthotics that fit comfortably and has significantly improved the reduction in pain that I used to get in my joints after a long day on my feet.
This has meant that I am far less tired and am able to provide my services to my clients without as much discomfort as I used to to experience. Quite simply, I feel more able to do my job, which is a 60 hour week.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie to any of my clients or anyone I know as she is highly professional and has made a significant difference to how I feel and to my business.

During my daily working life I often have to lift heavy machinery which has led me to have problems with my back and posture. I have spent a lot of money in the past on alternative back remedies without long term success. It was when I heard Julie give a speech on orthotics that I asked her to carry out an assessment on me.
After one visit Julie recommended I require a pair of bespoke orthotics for my footwear. After wearing the orthotics this has assisted tremendously in the relief of pain in my lower back, legs and feet which has given me a new lease of relatively pain free life.
Julies experience and knowledge within her field have not only given me pain relief but also she has saved me a lot of wasted money which I have spent over the past years trying different cures.
Since we have been customers of Heavenlyfeet we have recommended them not only to other people but to family also and we will continue to do so. What a great service they offer.

I recommend Julie, fabulous! Still using my orthotics.



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